Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to run in the series?

Just register for any of the races you see on the series web site. We will track you. (see results page). Register at each events web site.

Can I run any half or full marathon in Washington as a part of the series?

No. Only the races listed in the series on the web site qualify for the challenge.

Can I run a 10K or be a part of a half marathon relay or marathon relay as a part of participating in the series?

No, only half and full marathons ran by an individual are allowed on the series.

Can I overlap my races from this year to the next?

No. The series is from January to December each Year, and then starts fresh in January again.

Do I have to run the medal race to receive the medal at the end of the series?

Yes, because this is where we hand out all of the medals to those competing as well as those who are running four races in the challenge.  Mailing these would be a wallet-burner.

If I run 3 races, and then get my 4 race challenge medal at a medal race, can I run 2 more races and then go to another medal race to get my 7 race challenge medal?

No, Runners can only run one challenge in a year. If a runner runs 3 races and then collects their 4 race challenge medal at a medal race, they may not simply add a few more races and attend another medal race to get a 7 race challenge medal as it does not qualify. Each challenge is a separate challenge. This is the same for any challenge on the series.

How do other races become members of the series?

Have them reach out to us and inquire at

When are the races announced for the following year?

Due to the nature of our present and future partners budget constraints, the series will be announced no later than October of the same year. It is difficult for the events that we partner with to forecast their budget for the following year at the end of the series each year. That is another reason you may see races join the series throughout the year, as their budget has been approved and they can financially participate on the series.

Will the series change year to year in terms of where the medal race will be held?

We are always looking for more locations where runners can collect their medal at the end of the year.

How much time do I get to complete each half marathon I sign up for?

Your time is based on each races criteria for finishing independent of the series. As long as you show up on their results, which is what we use, then you are counted as having run in that race.

What does RTDS stand for?

Race Technical Difficulty Score.  We get this from each race director, who scores their course on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most difficult.  The tougher the course for those competing for points could mean a better score in the event of a tie and for those that are challenging themselves to run 4 or 7 events, this is important as well.  Some runners are just starting out and the more technical the course could mean having a harder run, so we created RTDS to help both levels of runners, not only from an informational standpoint, but for scoring as well.

When will I be able so see the cumulative results of my challenges.

We generally wait until about the summer when there is a lot of data to post and when the competitive juices start to flow between runners.

Why am I not listed in here? (when we post results)

We are finding that with many of the discrepancies, there was either a name misspelled at a race or the individual moved to a new city after running a race.  Please try to help us by letting us know about this or have the race you attended correct these before they are published. Our standard query for tracking you from the various events is first name, last name and city.  If you have moved and registered yourself as living in a different city on ay of the races, we need to know so we can accurately track you.

How do we score those who turn masters during the year when they have been competing in the open class?

We use the age that an individual will be at the end of the year, it is by far the most logical way to score.

What is for Dinner?

You choice. Bronze 4 race challenge medal? Silver 7 race challenge medal? Or a Gold 10 race challenge medal. How much can you consume?

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