Your Challenge

Challenge Yourself. Create the race plan and series level that you can conquer. 

How to Keep Score

Simple Steps Towards Getting The Medal

You can earn a 4,7, or 10 race challenge medal by completing your races in one calendar year (January-December) and by making your final race a medal race. A medal race is where you collect your medal.

Each race is worth a point for participating and finishing, so if you complete 4,7, or 10, you get the medal.


Are You A Competitor?

Do you normally finish in the top 10-15 places of your age group at races? If so, you can earn points. We track these points and at the end of the year, reward the top male and female open and masters champions. You will be scored against every single person in the state running in the series that is running all of the races as well so you will actually get to see how you rank up in the state against others in your gender and division.


Points are as follows:

1st place = 12 points
2nd place = 10 points
3rd place = 9 points
4th place = 8 points
5th place = 7 point
6th place = 6 points
7th place = 5 points
8th place = 4 points
9th place = 3 points
10th place = 2 points
All other finishers receive 1 point.
Open Runner Age 1-39
Masters Runner 40+
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